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Tips for a price quote

When you request for a price quote, try to formulate what you need.

  • What type of website do you need?
    E.g. company website, product tour, online shop, news sites
  • What kind of menus do you need?
    E.g. introduction, services, products, references, contact
  • What other functions do you need?
    Pl. news, blog,  sign up, online order form, newsletters, multilingual website, facebook like box,  analytics
  • Do you need responsive website?
    This is basic requirement nowadays…
  • What should be the main interaction on the website?
    E.g phone call, price quote, shopping, sign up
  • Do you need administration panel (CMS)?
    With admin panel you can modify the content on your site
  • Do you need SEO?
    Keywords, meta tags and seo-friendly url-s, according to Google’s guideline
  • How should graphic design look like?
    Is there any website you like and why?  Are there such colors, shapes, styles which you like?  Does your company have its own color scheme which is requered to be applied in the design? Does it have a slogan?
  • Hosting and domain
    Do you already have domain and hosting server or you need help with this?

Require a price quote